Brotzeit, BGC

They say Manila has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. It’s made real with authentic German dishes and beverages with Brotzeit.  The term is a combination of Brot meaning bread and Zeit as time. Bread time emphasizes the Bavarian expression of enjoying a meal with fresh beer. The bread is most likely pretzels – a quintessential snack food in Germany.

I started with Goulash Soup (Php 120/cup). This very tasty beefy bowl was very much satisfying and pairs well with two types of bread they served. The idea is to likely dip it to balance the overpowering flavor from the soup.
The most dominating item are their Sausages and so I had to love them like Germans do. I hope though they don’t get lesser customers with Pink’s (selling hotdogs) beside them. What’s the difference? The main difference lies on texture and content. Sausages are more real in the sense that they have more obvious presence of meat while hotdogs is a mass of different parts molded together into one.

I got the Spicy Chicken Sausages (Php 460). It had four well spiced and packed sausages with light sour sauerkraut and a medley of fresh and crispy vegetables. It was quite pricey but good enough with quality presented.

I would have loved to try their manly platters with mostly pork but I was dining solo again. Maybe you can check out for me their platter with ribs, good for 4-5 at Php 2,950. It has pork knuckle, a variety of sausages, Bavarian pork ribs and two side dishes of choice.

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