Buenisimo by Cafe Ysabel

I used to frequent Cafe Ysabel in Addition Hills since it’s just less than a kilometer drive away from my place where I used to live in for 10 years. Since then, I have always been a fan of their restaurant and its owner, Chef Gene Gonzalez.

And truth be told, I was happy to be with my fellow foodies once again in another Zomato meetup in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, and try out the food served in Buenisimo, which is an expansion of Cafe Ysabel.  Buenisimo’s dishes were apparently inspired by the owners’ travels in parts of Asia and Europe.

So we were served a number of dishes which were mostly comprised of the best sellers in their menu. I am definitely impressed with their lengua salpicao, angry sauce pasta, and their creme brûlée sampler, specifically the mango variety.

On the other hand, I was disappointed with a couple of items from their menu. I shouldn’t have set my expectations so high so that I could have avoided being a bit frustrated with their food. I was left unsatisfied with their crackling pork ribs, because it was too greasy, and for me, it just tasted bland.

There isn’t anything impressive at all with their double pepperoni pizza, especially since they can’t even make their own pepperoni sausages. I also got dismayed with their mac and cheese, which turned out to be not that special at all given that it was just all cheese and nothing else.

I was also dissatisfied with their salmon with passion fruit hollandaise. Its sauce wasn’t that good enough to bring out the best in this dish.

None of us foodies was able to finish our drinks because the drinks were all too sweet. I hope that they will work on improving their drinks, so as not to be a let down to their customers.

I can say that most of Buenisimo’s dishes have so much potential in them and they are likely to be patronized by dining customers, but this will only happen if they would improve on the execution of their dishes.

Hopefully, I get to return to Buenisimo once again and see improvement in their dishes on my next visit.


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