Butamaru, Filinvest City

After an outreach event nearby, Elsie Gaches, an orphanage to children with mental disabilities, we met here for a quick lunch get together. It was also a hot scorching day and despite of this most of us still got hot ramen, including myself.

For Php 360, their lunch special is a superb deal. There are primarily two varieties, one with half serving of ramen of choice, Chahan (Japanese fried rice), 3 pieces gyoza and jelly dessert; the other a rice topping of either Tori (chicken) or Chasu (pork), 5 pieces gyoza, miso soup and jelly dessert.

I got the Curry Tantanmen. The soup base was bold and filled with the right amount of spices. Its noodle firm and its ground beeves despite lack of portion, was tender good.

We also got other entrees to share, flavorful Tori Fried Chicken and spiced Curry Gyoza. I also loved these sides and highly recommend them.

Being seeing more ramen places opening lately. It seems it’s back to 2014 when there was a hype on Japanese noodles.

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