C3 Events Place and Restaurant, Greenhills

Two months ago, I was surprised to receive an invitation to visit C3 Events Place and Restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan, which happens to be a stone’s throw away from Greenhills Shopping Center. C3 Events Place is actually composed of different venues, namely, C3 Events Place, Oceana, Seven Suites Hotel Observatory, and Cravings Events Hall, which is with Cravings Restaurant. I was super delighted to be given the opportunity to enjoy Cravings’ best-selling dishes and their popular desserts.

The ambience inside C3 Events Place is actually very pleasant and sophisticated, with someone playing the piano, while you enjoy your food. Their wait staff are very accommodating and warm to the restaurant guests.

If C3 Events Place isn’t booked for an event, they provide their dining customers a buffet of international dishes, which, of course includes classic Filipino favorites. Some of the must haves in their restaurant include their mechado, with its very tender beef; their fresh lumpiang hubad with its sweet flavors, and their kare-kare, which stood out from the rest. It had this rich peanut sauce to it, and crispy lechon kawali and veggies. It was so satisfying on its own that you wouldn’t even need to pair it up with bagoong.

The buffet also includes a Mongolian station. Dining customers may choose whatever they want to have on their plate, and they will be guided as to whatever seasoning works out best on them. Beside the Mongolian station is a section where you can make your own pasta. It features a variety of pastas and sauces. I actually had fun trying it out, and having penne and fusilis with tomato and pesto.

If, on the other hand, you happen to be a meat lover, there is an area that serves like a carving station, in which you can have your serving of lechon kawali and roasted chicken. Since the meats are good on their own, I suggest that you eat them with less sauce.

Their wide array of desserts were placed at the center of the buffet table. I made sure to make some space for dessert so I can get to experience Cravings’ carrot and decadent cake. Aside from those, I also got to try out their mouthwatering cheesecakes. You may also have your caffeine fix, as coffee is also part of their buffet.

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