Cafe Lidia, Calumpang, Marikina City

Marikina is up and rising on restaurant boom. Cafe Lidia is a bit hard to find and surprisingly a large restaurant that can sit more than a 100 customers at a time.

Restaurant offers a wide range of American, European, Filipino mostly. We had Italian as we were there for the afternoon. They have a lot of entree dishes as well.

Our pasta picks were not the usual ones. We had the Black Ink and Enrique. The former was disappointing. On top of making your mouth stained, it didn’t merit anything else. No taste. The latter, Enrique was flavorful. It’s the best one we had in this trip.

The Barbecue Pizza was simply cheese, veggies and chicken barbecue on top. I asked myself why it was that simple. Bothersome.

Desserts were aplenty for 5 of us. 1st was Chocolate Paradise. Nothing here is paradise. 2nd cake was Cotton Caramel Cheesecake. It was more like crumbling cheese with no ingenuity.

We also had two ice cream picks which can most likely guess what’s in it. Third party ice cream with third party fruit and chocolate from somewhere else. They put it together for you. It doesn’t count.

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