Cafe Tribu, Greenhills

It was intentional for me to set a meeting at a time I needed to eat. Whether it’s before or after. On the way to San Juan I spotted this lone coffee stop along Ortigas Avenue. There’s not much parking so I had to double park.

Good thing they got more than coffee and desserts. So
I got two rice meals (Yes, I order at least two at a time). Both were nothing close to novelty and same goes with everything they serve.

Chicken Teriyaki had a taste and texture of Tocino. It was too smooth and oddly sweet for a savory meal. The Tuna with Mushroom Omelette was prepared well but it’s something I can do at home.

The Ube Cake had the strong purple yum presence but it had too much sugar in it. So just a few forks to it, I was done. They do have other cakes to choose from and should pair well with their long list of coffee picks.

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