Cafe Zen, Malate

On a visit to DLSU a month ago, I chanced upon visiting nearby restaurants around its campus. The most peculiar one was this place. The location occupies a weird space- an aisle here and there and really spacious areas in some parts. The ambiance though is attractive and is ideal for studying.

A funny encounter with the wait staff ensued when I asked what was their best seller. And this is how it transpired:

Me: What’s your best selling pastry?

Staff: Our best seller is the Kahlua Brownie pero phased out na po.

Me: Pwede pag wala na, huwag na nating balikan?

Anyway without that, my friend I went for the classic Decadent Cake. It was too sinful given that the sugar content was more present. It could also use more moist. We paired this with Matcha Green Tea and a refreshing cup of lemonade. The latter could use more bitter feel.

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