Caffeined by Mozaic Living, Highway Hills

If you are a coffee lover like me and an accompanying relaxing ambiance is a must, Mozaic Cafe should be on top of your short list. This spot is located in Sheridan, almost at the corner of Pioneer street. The parking here is a challenge, however, so maybe an Uber or Grab would be practical?

Mozaic Living prides itself with a spacious furniture shop layout with distant sets of seats for a more private moment. The downside here is just one dining table that you may share with everyone else. A relatively fast wifi is also available.

My friend and I also had some fun photo sessions while we sip our own of beverage. She had the Flat White while I enjoyed my light tasting but rich Malagos Davao Chocolate with full cream milk.

We also shared their ordinary Turkey Sandwich (Php 290). The wait staff though insisted they use real turkey meat when they really don’t. Our snack also had Brie cheese and strawberry jam, giving it a nice contrast of flavors.

Mandaluyong they say is in the middle of Metro Manila. So coming here could be very possible. Let me know if you need directions to this hole in a wall type of cafe.

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