Caramia, Missouri Square, Greenhills

Caramia is coming up with a Gelato party cart. It’s your access to Italian ice cream goodness in your own celebrations. I got the insane good opportunity recently to try 12 of their top flavors in one go. These are the likely flavors going to be picked. Price points are unbelievably low, I suggest checking them out online.

What I loved most were two. The Dark Chocolate with Brownie was thick and bitter sweet and had an amazing soft and chewy brownie all over. I also liked one of their newest pieces, Salted Caramel. It had nice spikes of salt paired with striking sweet creamy goodness of caramel.

For cakes, we got the best selling Rogue, it was a berries heaven of blueberries and strawberries mixed with classic Vanilla gelato, crust graham and chocolate pieces. We also shared the latest Matcha Cake. It was a colorful piece of green elements. It had Japanese Matcha gelato with sweet chewy meringue and cream. It was too good, it was gone way too fast!


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