Carousel Creamery, Greenhills

I’ve heard of this fantabulous ice cream place from friends, posts and here in Zomato. Finally went since we had a movie premiere happening at Promenade.

The location is just in front of Promenade mall. The area of Carousel Creamery adds more restaurants on an already populated area for similar establishments.

Upon seeing the vast 101 choices, I felt like a kid again. The three of us started at the very end moving inch by inch and sampling as much as we could. I was shy of course to try too many flavors.

The variation is interesting. There are types that I’ve never heard and a number were unimaginable even. Try Chicharon and Beer for instance. Wild.

So we got two flavors each, voted on it and got 6 total one scoops. Each one has a real distinct flavor. The names tells so much on what’s dominant in it.

So we had Bailey’s, Red Bean, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Salted Caramel, Butter Pecan and Cranberry Chocolate. My personal favorites are Bailey’s and PBJ. The former had a real alcoholic kick in it with a sweet attraction. The latter has real creamy presence of peanut butter with strong infusion of jelly.

When there’s an overwhelming presence of restaurants today, this place wows and satisfies. No wonder it’s being talked about.

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