Casa Marcos X Baguio Craft Brewery, Tomas Morato

Great news for all craft beer lovers out there. There is now Casa Marcos in partnership with Baguio Craft Beer just around the city. So you now have an interesting go-to place for traditional Spanish and our own curated local craft beer.

I, together with other food bloggers, gathered for a feast made up of beer and food pairings last September 27 here. It is situated on the second floor of Il Terrazo Mall in Tomas Morato. The ambiance here is truly apt and inviting with its minimalist interiors, dimmed and quiet setting.

Just like their tagline in Casa Marcos, “Mi Casa Su Casa,” which literally means “my house is your house,” Casa Marcos is now home to Baguio Craft Brewery.

Baguio Craft Brewery had humble beginnings back in 2014. Their long list of blended original got enough buzz then that they are now brought here, where more people can appreciate their creation.

According to Kevin Khoe, owner of Casa Marcos, they stand out among other gastropubs for their novel pairings, a match made in heaven. We got that vibe and I have to agree with him.

Here at Casa Marcos, they have beer pairing suggestions on their menu to guide you which ones go well together, but you are of course free to combine your own picks. Kevin’s beer of choice, an American Pale Ale called Englishman in New York (Php 240), goes well with their Callos (Php 450). The sweet caramel flavor of this bottle of malt complements the taste of garbanzos and chorizo in this serving of tomato stew.
Another great match is that of the Kabunyan beer (Php 230) and their Spicy Gambas (Php 320). The garlicky flavor of the shrimp is balanced by the strong honey taste of the said wheat beer.

Their nutty, savory, and tender Kalderetang Baka (Php 495), that was rich in seasonings and spices, was highlighted by the strong hop flavors of a bottle of triple hopped double IPA, Zigzagger (Php 260). This famous beef stew in spicy tomato sauce with potatoes and red pimiento is one of the bestsellers here in Casa Marcos.

The flavors in their Lengua Salpicao, (Php 345) tender strips of ox tongue cooked in garlic oil topped with button mushrooms, onions, green and red pepper, work nicely with the citrus and piney notes in the English IPA, Pugaw (Php 240). Meanwhile, the sweetness there is in the malty Hop Attack (Php 250) brings out the umami taste of their Almejas (Php 195), which is baked clams with melted cheese and crispy garlic bits.

I would have to admit though that even if I am not fond of beers or any form of alcohol, I actually appreciate the passion and the art behind these pairings. This is another dining experience we need, one that goes out of the usual and challenging customers to try new things. I will surely come back and this time, tagging along my friends who love beer.

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