Casa Roces

After my best friend and co foodie Maloushky‘s confirmation, we rushed to find a place to eat. Thanks to Zomato we spotted this well known place nearby.

Casa Roces was a residence of Mr. Chino Roces. The place is a restored home from the 1940s. Despite an old piece, it had a nice formal dining ambiance. We even got to tour the second floor which at that time wasn’t being used.

The food was quite a disappointment. Our fish dish I had replaced. It was very far from the photo. Taste really bland and too crispy without life. The second round didn’t improve much.

Only the Sizzling Bulalo was worth raving for. Tender beef with well made gravy. I suggest this on your trip.

Our Grilled Ratatouille was too simple despite done in a different way. Its placed in a cheap made ensaymada which I doubt was made in the kitchen.

The Malacanan lemon dessert at Php 415 was a failure. The upper part was decent though too sour. The lower part was normal ice cream which took awhile to be eaten because it was frozen.

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