Century Seafood Restaurant – Century Park Hotel

Since my previous visits- mostly big occasions, I always spoke highly of this restaurant having excellent lauriat. On this wedding, there were only a few dishes out of many that was good. Most were unsatisfying.

The best one was least expected- Steamed Hongkong style Glutinous rice. It was served wrapped with a strong and nice fragrant smell. The rice was packed with complex flavor. I should have gotten other share.

The good ones were their Suckling Pig Combination particularly the Soy Chicken, the Steamed Lapu Lapu, Dried Scallops with Moss Hair. Lacking taste were the Fried Pigeon, Steamed Crabs and the Australian Abalone.

I was looking forward for Mango Sago to cap it off but we got a really bland Ginataan. I don’t think anyone finished it.

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