Cheesy Chimichanga, Tomas Morato

Food Park craze continues to grab our attention. A month ago, The Yard opened its third spot with an outdoor theater theme right in the middle of Timog Avenue.

This three floor colorful spectacle features more than 20 food stalls on a movie theme. One of the establishments I got to feast in was here in Cheesy Chimichanga.

I was invited here by Victor Sy, a young passionate businessman who loves food and his family. I met his wife and adorable baby on this short and memorable trip.

Victor is not Mexican by any standard but his creations can get any Mexican’s attention. He sure got mine and my other foodie friends.

Chimichanga is a known Texas Mexican wrap, a deep-fried burrito filled with your favorite Mexican flavored filling. It usually has a long list of toppings in flour tortilla. It has your choice of meat, rice, veggies and beans with either salsa, guacamole or sour cream.

Cheesy Chimichanga upgrades the already fascinating meal with his own bunch of tasty meats, spiced up for the Filipino palate.

On this late night stop, I still managed to take on multiple bites despite being full from a previous food coverage. We had Beef Chimichanga (Deadpool), Sisig Chimichanga (Weasel) for mains. For filling starters, Chipotle Chicken Lollipops (Angel Dust) and Cheesy Jalapeño Triangles (Cable).

The price points here are acceptable given each dish is packed with quality ingredients. I love here the most their best selling Deadpool. It got me alive the whole night, a fitting description of its name, thanks to a tender and flavor-filled beef and loads of melted cheese. If you got a steel tongue, (not me) go ahead and add their own concocted spicy Jalapeño dip.

I have a feeling I got you excited here. If I did, drive away to The Yard 3, munch up some Mexican Filipino goodness here, while glaring at the giant screen.

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