Chomp Chomp, Little Baguio

One of the best things that Singapore has to offer is got to be Laksa. It’s a bowl representing a culture and I’ve been secretly on the hunt for the best place to have it. As a food item yet to be widely known and popular to a greater majority, there are hardly any notable places that offer laksa. Until I got to Recess Food Alley.

All the way in Little Baguio, San Juan is an obscure alley teeming with a range of novel meals. Recess Food Alley is a smaller-scale food park packed with familiar and new food stalls. Chomp Chomp Asian Street Food is one of them, serving Singaporea Hawker-style food.

What a wonder! Delightfully surprising to find most, if not all, classic and iconic food from Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Ordering their Laksa should be first on the list. It’s served in a head-turning steel pot over a small fire to keep it at the right temperature. Creamy, spicy and rich coconut milk broth lightly boils, laced with the strong taste of seafood. It’s filled up to the brim with thick egg noodles, squid balls, shrimps, and crunchy bean sprouts to top it off. It’s the unabridged taste of Singaporean Seafood Laksa.

Leave space for their Numnums, their take on street-food style skewers. Check out their lobster balls, squid balls, shrimp, balls, you name it.

Dimsum is on their menu too. For a stall of such a scale, it’s amazing how they have such a breadth of a menu. Must-visit and must-try, especially when you want to have a hole-in-the-wall experience away from the crowds.

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