Chubby’s Rib Shack, Filinvest City

Not many appetizing food choices at the Commerce Mall. If not for its alternative movie screenings from adjacent malls, this mall would’ve struggled. Anyway, Chubby’s, one of the most successful rib chains, was one of the few worthy stops for a meal here.

Their Chicken Barbecue and Riblets combo at Php 329 screams value for money. Both meats were obviously prepared well in the kitchen. The marination must have taken awhile for its consistent barbecue flavor.

The Steak Fajitas which are imported from the US also did not disappoint. Even if you let the beef sizzle much longer, it still stays soft and tender. Note that there is a Margarita blend mixed on this dish.

Out of curiosity, I also got to try one of the hottest sauce in the world. It’s the sauce behind their wings challenge. Having it requires you to sign a waiver, now that crazy, right? So far only two people have successfully conquered it.

There is a hidden wonder on their menu, thanks to friend Roxanne who frequents this spot. You got to try their Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. It’s a version far better than that of the cake with its perfect blend of vanilla ice cream, powdered grahams and blueberries.

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