Churropapi, Little Baguio

Rarely do people get churros right. Even those big franchises can’t exactly say they have the best ones. There never seems to be a good balance of starchiness, sweetness, and that heavenly crisp and crunch when biting into a churro. Either a hit or miss.

But all the way in Little Baguio, San Juan is a humble little food park, or alley rather, called Recess Food Alley. It’s a small space yet has big surprises waiting inside, like Churropapi.

Churropapi is arguably one of the best joints for a churro fix. I’m saying that because they don’t have to say much, their churros do all the talking.

Why is it good? Right thickness, nice crisp, a starchiness that makes a delightful chew and the right level of sweetness. And if that’s not enough, you can have the churros with chocolate dips. Choose among milk chocolate and white chocolate, among others. Put some colorful sprinkles even or soft serve ice cream if you want to take it to another level.

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