Coco Trail, Santo Niño

Food Parks have opened new opportunities for food entrepreneurs to test their products with lower capital exposures. They also sparked a new level of creativity. With so much more competition, you have to be too different.

Coco Trail is located in one of the biggest food parks, Truck Park in Marikina. I love that they specialize in coconut, one of my favorite fruits and diversified it quite well. Everything they offer has at least a hint of coconut.

When they were new, I got to try their rendition of local Chicken Curry. It brought memories of how I used to have it when I was young. The coconut milk and curry powder mix were lovely and it blended well with tender chicken, potatoes and carrots. I don’t think they still have this on the menu though.

Of course, I had to try their spicy concoction of Gising Gising. Note that this one will require you to have more rice than you should. It was also tasty and vegetables were fresh with a slight crisp.

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