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I have been invited to do a food review for a restaurant up South, which is the Confusion Diner. It’s a good thing though that I went there on a Sunday since traffic is somewhat manageable. To get to Confusion Diner, one has to access Aguirre Street since the restaurant’s situated inside a private village.

The diner is actually sandwiched between a couple of other restaurants. Confusion Diner serves American dishes with a Filipino twist. Once you get inside the place, you get to see movie posters decorating it’s walls.

I have noticed though that some food items in their menu seemed to be out of place. They have quesadilla, pasta, and a single sandwich, which, in my opinion, doesn’t really match with their restaurant’s theme. I wonder if their inclusion is intentional since the name of their restaurant is “Confusion Diner.” I’d say I have been totally confused with their menu.

So, we were served seven dishes all in all. It only totaled to Php1,200, and I’d say that’s a great deal for all that food, which I think, were all satisfactory. Also, I should note that they serve a decent portion of the food so that was a great deal indeed.

Anyway, I think there were a couple of hits and misses on their part. Let me share with you guys what I think are worth ordering from their menu. One of their must haves is their tocino wings. They were flavorful and not greasy.

Another great food choice would be their sisig quesadilla. Quesadilla is basically from Mexico, and it’s inclusion in Confusion Diner’s menu is somewhat off, but nevertheless, this quesadilla doesn’t disappoint. It’s not overly cheesy, and the bold sisig taste lingers in your mouth. I think what it just needs is a bit more texture to it.

Lastly, if you are to have your dessert, order their lava cake. This chocolate cake is so lusciously good and would blow your mind off when combined with ice cream.

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