Craft Coffee Revolution, Oranbo

It’s a revolution. It’s good coffee for real enthusiasts. Am not so much of it though and I appreciate them being part of the third spin of coffee establishments. More innovation the better.

They have ben around for 2 years. Craft Coffee Revolution tries to develop consumer habit of drinking single-origin coffee, see the art behind it and its history. The fascination around bean to cup coffee creations.

It’s my third trip here at Estancia branch and I used to have it in the Podium. Coffee is designed well, tasted good although too sweet for Mocha. My only real complaint is the temperature. It wasn’t hot for coffee standards. Barista says it’s their standard.

I paired it with Banana Loaf. The top part was crunchy and other parts soft. It’s not too sugary which I prefer. I also tried chocolate cake which was creamy and moist. So far desserts created happy tummies.

Next adventure would be just coffee! 🙂

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