Cuaderno, Malate

I’ve been to Taft more often this year compared to the past so I could visit food establishments near the universities here. One of the stops I did was for Cuaderno Book Cafe, a Fil-Mex restaurant that’s also a hub for bookworms. It’s a fitting concept that appeals to students from DLSU, CSB and St. Scholastica who are just steps away.

The ambiance cooperates with its homey interiors. Why Fil-Mex? Maybe a burrito or taco on one hand and book on another makes more sense. The price points here are also friendly and so are the owners, Chef Anthony Marvin Espino and Alexa May Losaria, who took care of us on this sponsored visit.

So we had a fusion of two cuisines with some tweaking needed to get it more apt. We got first the standard Nacho Grande (Php 145), a cheesy delight made tastier with ground chorizo. This appetizer made us crave for more. We had Sisig Burrito next, a leaner bite from the usual fatty features and Sisig Tacos which was topped with a runny sunny side up egg. Both had strong sisig aroma, these are suggested orders if you like this Pampanga born Filipino food.

Another starter, they called Toastadilla was served, a combination of bread and quesadilla. We got the Beef and Cheese varitey (Php 129). This had definitely more carbs if you are a fan of that, I personally prefer the crispier traditional variety. For some meat, they offered us the Mexican Braised Ribs (Php 180), a tasty concoction glazed with orange and sugar. It had a nice balance of citrus and sweetness, a personal favorite here.

Like most restaurants around, they also serve wings and they call their Mexican Buffalo Wings (Php140). This was decent and could have had more kick to make it interesting. Its wings though were meaty so that is always a good plus.

Did you know that Cuaderno also has a charity side? They accept books for them to share with their chosen communities. Where to find this awesome place? They are at 1013 Estrada Street, Malate, Manila.


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