‘Cue Modern Barbecue, BGC

On a Sunday lunch High Street does get busy. We were fortunate to get parking quick and an almost empty restaurant. That was just a start of our version of blessing. The ambiance comforts and their food made our tummies happy.

Carnivores unite here. They serve mostly barbecue meats of all kinds thus its fitting name, Cue. We tried one type of meat, their Grilled Peri Peri. The flavor was alive deep to its bones! The downside was a burnt charcoal taste (on some parts) and price (Php 335). I think it was less than a half chicken.

The Shrimp Jambalaya was our favorite. It’s similar to Spanish Paella. The main differences primarily include manner of cooking, the type of rice and the primary flavorings. Our jambalaya had a strong sense of saffron, rosemary and paprika.

Check out their affordable sides to add up to your meal. The Broccoli and Cauliflower with cheese was a nice sort of healthy treat for just Php 115. Another must try is the Chili Monggo!

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