Cydnei’s Cafe, Project 4

From an outreach nearby in Bgy. Escopa, this cafe was less than 500 meters away. Our party was 6 and the whole time we were here, our tables were the only filled. Also, only around 25% percent of their current menu were available, so I asked their staff to write the only ones they can serve. This was quite irritating to be honest.

Since they have no vegetable available as delivery was scheduled later on, they compensated by giving me all the tomatoes I wanted free of charge.

Our team ordered 8 mains and 4 desserts, all were mostly decent and affordable. The total bill was only Php 1235, somehow it was forgivable that they only had a few items on the time of our visit.

I liked their thin yet packed Tuna Omelette the most despite it being on the greasy side. I also favored their sweet and garlicky Longanissa, tender Marinated Pork Chop, citrusy Dory in Lemon Butter, and Cydnei’s version of spiced Chicken Wings. The Beef Tapa, Caldereta and Salpicao were rather tough on the bite and it tasted a bit too different from its usual flavors.

For desserts, donuts were a miss as they were lacking in fluffiness and were too sweet! The cakes, however impressed. The Tiramisu and Chocolate Cake were of quality. The latter was my top pick for it was moist and fudgy at the same time.

I also had an interesting glass of Mango Shake here as they use condensed milk to make it sweet and thick.

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