Doner Kebab, Abu Dhabi

One of the meals advised for me to try on my trip to Dubai/UAE is the doner. It is the Turkish version of shawarma. The biggest difference from what we have in Manila is its pita bread and thus creating a bigger portion. It has more room for meats and vegetables.

I got their signature Doner Kebab for 28 AED. It has veil, chicken and vegetable mix of your choice. I was a bit irritated though when I found out their yogurt sauce is mayonnaise based. I don’t eat mayo. I always disliked its taste. Why can’t it be just plain yogurt or hummus?

Anyway i still ate it out of hunger. Good points include a toasted pita for added crunch and a packed bite with a number of filled toppings. The meats were tender but lacking a more intense flavor to stand out from the rest.

Oh I love the fries. Not greasy, filled and seasoned well.

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