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For those days when you feel guilty indulging in unhealthy food and drinks, there’s a place in San Antonio, Makati that you can go and have healthy, organic stuff for a change. Down to Earth, a farm to table restaurant and shop is a place where everything is organic or natural food. Most of their offerings hail from the owner’s farm in Bukidnon.

Everything they serve here are made from scratch, from their humble kitchen. These include burger patties, salads, hot dogs, chips and ice cream just to name a few. They also claim that their crops are from heirloom seeds and not hybrid ones. They may grow slower but they are all made by the earth.

Inside this mini restaurant besides tables and chairs, you will see their own little garden; a display of products you can serve at home; and some gardening books and seeds just in case you want to grow plants of your own.

Down to Earth is all about commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture. They also practice environmental stewardship and humane treatment of animals.

It was such a delight for me to indulge in their one-of-a-kind Garden Salad (Php230). It displayed a medley of colors, having edible flowers in it, as well as crunchy greens, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. This salad gave off a refreshing, odd feeling, one that you would have when you don’t get to eat anything like this on a regular basis. And these sprouted right by their own care.

Then we had some gourmet goodness burgers produced from their pasture-raised, grass fed cattles. Even their pork, lamb, and chicken meats were from free-range pigs, chickens, and lambs. They do not give them commercial feeds or antibiotics, nor use hormones in them. The beef are ground in-house by their own butcher, and they are chilled instead of frozen so as to preserve their natural flavor.

I actually got to try two of Down to Earth’s specialties, which are their Bleu Slowburger and Lamb Slowburger.

Blue Slowburger is made of their house-blend beef patty with caramelized onions, blue cheese, and chive butter, in potato brioche buns. All their burgers are served alongside some mixed veggie chips. The blue cheese was actually embedded right into the beef patty. It was juicy in spite of it being fat free, and it brought my tastebuds to a whole new definition of pleasure. The burger was packed with a mouthful of flavors.

Then there’s the Lamb Slowburger made of lamb patty, amaranth leaves, feta cheese, curry mayonnaise, and red onions, also in potato brioche buns. This doesn’t give off any funky aftertaste to it, and its taste didn’t overpower the presence of other ingredients. The patty was tender and well seasoned on its own, having a bit of that grassy, and sweet and salty vibe to it.

Cleansing my palate was their signature Hibiscus Tea (Php 120). Who would have thought that you can drink a tea made from the dried petals of a gumamela flower? It had this rich crimson color to it, and tasted a bit like tangy cranberry.

There isn’t any need for cheat days when you can always have something nutrient-rich, organic, and healthy from Down to Earth Farm Shop + Cafe. I guess its time for us to really support local farm products and small enterprises that advocate healthy lifestyle and green living.

Give me a heads up when you go for a visit and I’ll be happy to hear about your Down to Earth experience.

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