Earth Kitchen, White Plains

I was going to cover an event for the people of Marawi at Earth Kitchen, but I felt that I needed to try out the good stuff on their menu before it started.

While waiting for the food that I ordered, I made a quick tour of the room to check out the other products that they have to offer. True to their name, they focused on featuring artisinal and organic goods that were crafted in various parts of the country. These included handcrafted soaps, fruit purees and flavored chocolate bars.

Also visible on their walls are colorful artwork that would easily catch your attention. I was then informed that these are creations of marginalized children, who try to earn via this craft. The proceeds of the sales are being handled by the CRIB foundation via their New Beginnings program.

As soon as I finished, dishes was quick and already waiting for me at the table. Ragu ala Bolognese came first and their take on the famous pasta dish was just as good as how it looked. The ground beef blended well with light tomato sauce and herbs, on al dente pasta. Served alongside this was wet mushroom soft tacos. Its unique twist of hoisin sauce made the pickled mushrooms’ taste stand out.

Freshly made Shrimp Spring Rolls followed. The wonderful presentation, along with the generous serving of shrimps on every roll, makes it a nice choice for vegetable lovers. Its sauce, however, could use some work as it was too sour.

For our main dish, me and a friend shared their rendition of Beef Kebab with organic Ifugao rice pilaf. It’s hard not to fall in love with it as the tender meat is also rich in flavor. At Php 420 it’s a bit steep though. An extra stick please?

After all that we had, we still turned to even more food, this time some cake with warm beverage. Since one flavor could never be enough, I tried both of their homemade cakes, along with a cup of Malunggay Latte. Both cakes were notable given the distinct taste of Ube and Tablea, respectively. The malunggay latte was fine, better though with low fat milk instead of full cream.

Overall, I could say that Earth Kitchen is one of the better places to dine in the Katipunan area. If you’re into organic and artisinal products, and looking for a variety of cuisines in one roof, this could be the place for you.

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