Eastwood City Neon Beer Fest 2017

October is finally here! Whenever we hear it, the first thing that pops in our mind is “Oktoberfest” or the month of a series of beer and parties with more beer. On history, Oktoberfest started during the early 1800s when the crown prince Ludwig of Germany married princess Therese. And to celebrate that encounter, citizens were invited to quench their thirst with beer. It became the largest festival in the world since then.

This year, one of Manila’s leading lifestyle mall, Eastwood City in partnership with San Miguel Corporation, launches their collaboration with Neon Beer Fest 2017. Here, one must get ready for a beermonth long of some live performances from our up and coming local artists.

The kickoff party was held last Friday night at Eastwood Central Plaza. The organizers got me and other members of media a dinner treat first in Bigoli Restaurant where they served some traditional Italian delight of spaghetti and pizza. After which, we spent the night away with front row seats, beer on both hands while listening to Oh Flamingo, Franco, Ransom Collective and Spongecola. A full crowd of mostly millenials stayed until past midnight.

If you missed that, more are in store. Watch out for CRWN, Run Dorothy, Banna Harbera and Orange and Lemon’s on October 14 at the same venue, Eastwood Central Plaza. On October 7 and 20, prepare to hear the beat in Fuente Circle as it is the “DJs’ Night” with the get go disc jockeys in town such as DJs Renz Elma, Mark Sianghio, Mark Naval, Marlo Naval, Janus Naval and Jon Naval.

But wait, there’s more! The malls are also giving out great deals and exciting promos to party-goers from selected retail shops and establishments in Eastwood City. So they got beer, parties and treats, what you waiting for?

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