Eastwood City Chili Fest

Eastwood City is heating up our September. Back at it again with their monthly food celebrations, this month-long affair that’s the first of its kind for Eastwood City is of red-hot proportions.

It’s called the Eastwood City Chili Fest, which puts the notorious yet favorite chili in the limelight. They showcase a wide variety of chili products and chili-infused food, all of course proudly made in the Philippines.

Who knew you could do so much with chili? Chili lovers absolutely have to come by (if they haven’t yet). In there you can find a smorgasbord of ways to play around with chili that you did not imagine to be possible. There’s a whole selection of chili products and chili-infused food that touched based with the expected fare, as well as new concoctions that can make you sweat in more ways than one.

Several booths offers their own brand of homemade chili pastes and chili-enhanced dishes that surprisingly have different twists. Drop by to find some to spice up or even elevate your lunch or merienda time. You’d be delighted to see all the selections.

A big part of the food booths in the activity center is our household favorite Tabasco. They featured 4 variants, which are Classic, Jalapeño, Habanero, and Chipotle. Just to introduce or reiterate how good these are, they are served with a buttered piece of cracker upon visiting their respective booths.

They put their own twist on our iconic adobo by preparing two iterations: adobo and adobo with Classic Tabasco. Great idea for whomever’s just always on to heat things up. The Tabasco effect gives it a sweet yet hot finish. They added their Jalapeño Tabasco to heavenly guacamole to amp up the nachos experience. Amazingly sharp refreshing flavor too. Very light and very friendly. Proceed with caution when trying out their Habanero variant. Taste its full flavor with a tamed kick of spice by having it on a buttered cracker. And my favorite, which is the Chipotle Tabasco was showcased by adding it on some sliders. Deep, smokey and bordering sweet flavor with a punch of spice that’s just perfect with the juicy meet patty. I know what I’m bringing to the next barbeque I’m going to.

Exploring the other booths had me in awe in finding chili honey wine, chili chocolates, gourmet chili dishes and dips, spicy spreads that have been mixed with pineapples, mangoes, and even a chili dietary supplement. You name it! This is absolutely a chili lover’s heaven.

What’s amazing about this festival is the innovative and smart ways Filipinos deal with food. That includes the concepts and the food pairings that these humble food business owners created to bring out quality food. You can see the dedication that these guys bring to the scene.

The festival is open every Friday and Saturday of September up until October 1 so don’t miss all the hot and spicy chili discoveries you do not expect you needed.


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