EDSA Beverage Design Group, Greenhills

There are coffee enthusiasts who have been doing coffee crawls lately. And my friend and I did just that last weekend. We visited three third wave coffee locations, near one another. This was our first stop.

EDSA Beverage is not in Waze nor is it visible even if it is along the most famous highway in our country. So i suggest you look for Dad’s restaurant near Greenhills, it’s before that going south bound.

As you enter, you would think you are in the wrong place. It’s quite ran down, dark and full of huge coffee roasting machines. The actual coffee place is on the second floor.

No savory meals here folks. All they have are quick fix cookies. But they do have a number of beverages. My friend got a Flat White which they highly recommended while I had a sweet treat of non alcoholic Ginger Beer, Turon flavor. It did have a bold similarity with the Filipino dessert.

If you got all the time in the world, you can chat with the baristas and ask any coffee questions you have. They probably could answer them.

This place is probably okay not to have customers too. We were the only two here for awhile. It’s likely a hub where they roast coffee and distribute it to other third wave coffee spots.

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