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New products came and I got to try some of them as of late.

El Mateo was created through the collaboration of a couple, Ella Valdez and Jen Alambra. The former draws from her background in food and manufacturing while the latter specializes in architecture and design. The brand name, El Mateo, comes from the names of Ella Valdez and her son, Matthew.

Ella has been distributing coffee since 2008. Working as a consultant for local coffee shops, she acquired certifications from SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) and SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) for Coffee 101 and Coffee Cupping. On top of her regular activities, Ella teaches others about the merits of coffee, especially coffee made from locally grown beans, though seminars and workshops, and markets a line of coffee beans sourced from farms in the Philippines.

After being in the industry for 9 years, Ella decided to rebrand her existing business and create a line of new, complementary products. The inspiration for El Mateo’s initial products, a line of chili-based spreads and dips in resealable jars, came from a 2-hectare chili farm in Porac, Pampanga, which she manages together with her partner.

The first product they perfected was Chilicioso. This hotter-than-hot chili paste closely resembles sambal, an ingredient found in many cuisines native to Southeast Asia, and particularly Indonesian and Malaysian dishes.Since Chilicioso’s conception, El Mateo has produced a small selection of products to go with its coffee, including pastries, a cheese and pesto spread, and a spread made of fresh berries with a nutritious boost of chia seeds.

As of presstime, El Mateo is only available in Metro Manila. However, the founders have been actively looking for resellers and distributors so that they might set fire to more taste buds across the country. If you want to try El Mateo’s products, they are available at Earth Kitchen White Plains Quezon City, and can be ordered via their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ElMateo.deli

These are the ones sent to me:

Biscotti Php 110.00/pack

Crispy twice baked dessert best paired with coffee or tea. Flavor: Dark chocolate with almond; Cranberry with walnut, Christmas (limited time only) Shelf Life: 6 months

Cheese Pesto Php135.00/110gms

Blended creamy cheese with fresh basil herbs and spices. Ideal spread for crackers, sour dough bagels, and other baked dishes.

Mixed Berries Chia Php110.00/125gms

Combination of sweet ripe raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and chia seeds. Ideal for breakfast pancakes and hot toasts.

Chilicioso Php180.00/125gms

Freshly picked, organically grown chili with spices and herbs. Ideal ingredient for hot spicy soup, meat and seafood dishes, and can also be used as a dimsum sauce. Shelf Life: 3 months

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