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Was there ever a time that you have dined out and the food was just so good, you just can’t help but pig out? I bet you felt full at that time that stretched for hours but gave no regrets. The feeling of being extremely full after having indulged so much is referred to in Spanish and in Filipino as “empacho.” Such was my exact sentiment when I, together with other food bloggers, had the chance of visiting this new go to place, Empacho in Quezon City.

This recently renovated spot is located above UCC Cafe, at the corner of Tomas Morato Avenue, and Don Roces Street. They have a private parking space in front, a two floor dining area, a smoking location, and a full bar for their customers.

Empacho serves Filipino comfort food given yet another modern twist to it. They have launched only April of this year and they thrive to beat other Filipino cuisines nearby.

For a good start, we had their Spicy Tamarind Wings. It’s crispy chicken wings in local sour fruit simmered with fried chili. Next was one of their controversial offerings, Triple Bypass. It’s goal is leaning towards giving you trouble. It has oil laden, deep fried but crunchy chicken skin, chicharong bulaklak, and isol inasal. These came along with different dips to match.

We also had the Ultimate Empacho Salad, which was made up of roasted pork belly, pickled onions, cucumber, green mango, turnips, carrots, tomato, and tom yao, in calamansi dressing. This one was one of my picks that day, a balance take on meat and healthier ingredients.

Crispy Pork Kare Kare came after. Any Filipino restaurant offers their own take of our classic peanut dish. Theirs was rich and tasty with their own made bagoong giving it more boost.

If you are looking for a must order and a probable game changer, go for their Sinigang na Lechon with Strawberries. It’s a novelty and sensible given the berries natural sourness as well. It could use some spice though, more native chili please.

Another must order include their Crispy Soft Shell Crab Pinakbet. Instead of using the usual pork, a shell gave it a new texture and vibrant taste. This offering is good to be consumed by itself, like another salad.

As savory meals came one by one, we were also served almost all their beverages. We got Empacho Bitters, Iced Tea, Paraiso, Bayani, Kamias, Ube Sago, and their Mocktails.

Ready for an Empacho that’s worth having? Quezon City has this comforting respite after a period of stress or a place for a much needed break.


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