Epilogue, MOA

Epilogue, a Japanese born, Italian restaurant is now open for sophisticated tastebuds at S Maison, Conrad, Manila. Its interiors shouts class with intricate design and using just premium materials. Its dominant red ambiance captivates and captures your senses. My date and I sat in a really comfortable couch.

As expected, the service is top notch and wait staff familiar with the menu too well despite just being open for around two weeks.

On our table first was bold Mushroom soup that had distinct taste that lingered in our mouths. It also had nice chunks of fresh mushroom. It was creamy delicious!

Gnocchi Pasta with Prosciutto was not as impressive. It was bland without the ham’s flavor. Its creamy but tasteless sauce also drowned the pasta. Gnocchi however was done properly, it was soft and mushy.

Prosciutto Pizza could be better. It’s dough was amazingly soft but it needed a balance of crunch. The upside include its toppings. It was generous and had a nice mixture of bitter arugula, sweet balsamic, sour plump cherry tomatoes and salty prosciutto.

This place also serves fresh bread and pastries.

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