Etre and Sein’s Banana Pudding

“Banana Pudding is fantastic.”
– New York Times

As a tropical country we got more reasons to love nature’s prized fruit, banana. It’s one of the healthiest and most affordable food you can have in a hurry. It heals, it satisfies and science has proven, it can make you happy too.

Banana can be made in different ways. SM Malls made turon a nationwide hit. And Bananacue continues to be a staple in every corner of the city. It’s time, however, to jump in another creation, Banana Pudding.

No need to go New York guys because Etre and Sein got you covered. I recently got my hands and mouth full when they sent 4 packed tumblers of their sweet and delectable masterpiece. It has loads of fresh bananas, creamy custard and wafers. It’s screams comfort and it’s best having it cold.

If I made you curious enough, I suggest you give them a buzz. You can get in touch through their IG etre_and_sein. Hurry before it’s anana. =p

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