Flatiron Review 2, BGC

The busy streets of BGC are home to thousands of students, workers, and shoppers who may be looking for something in common: a vibrant place that serves comfort food that would boost their spirits. The search ends here.

Just located at the Upper Ground Floor (fountain level) of Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City is this modern diner called Flatiron 1771. As a member of the 1771 Group of Restaurants (of Sentro 1771, Chateau 1771, and Cafe 1771 fame), the restaurant is known for its familiar and feel-good ambiance, as well as for its dominantly inspired American cuisine. Whether you’re alone or with a large group, you’ll find solace in their food as the servings are quite generous.

Since I last visited around a year ago, this spot has noticeably changed. The room’s hue is more vibrant, alive and inviting. It even now has overhead monitors to get you ordering more their newest line up of offerings. One thing that hasn’t changed was the staffs’ genuine smile, a sure-fire element in setting a good mood for its customers.

While patiently waiting for dishes to arrive, I was given the privilege to interview Chef Vicky Pacheco, the executive chef of the 1771 group. She enthusiastically narrated her newest masterpieces including the stories behind its inspiration. Chef mentions her styles, passions, and victories inside the kitchen. It was a short chat but I learned and got moved by her love for food.

I started this adventure with my bare hands, on my right and left was their Brave Potato Skins (Php 260). It is an appetizer made of crisply fried potato skins topped with pulled beef brisket, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits and spring onions. It was a well thought of combination to arrive at multiple types of taste as well as textures. I specifically love how tender the beef was on this one. This was paired with another appetizer called Tostado Wings Adobo (Php 180). It’s our classic savory and tangy Adobo made bony and deep fried.

Americanized Pesto Pizza (Php 395) followed suit. It was almost all green, thanks to generous portions of crushed basil leaves. I recommend pairing this with Pizzaiola Pasta (Php 295). This noodle dish has Napolitaine sauce, bell peppers, salami, smoky bacon, and cheese on a bed of spaghetti. A big serving of refreshing Cucumber Kiwi Carafe Cooler (Php 250) could be your cool drink. These three will give you a guaranteed Italian moment.

On entrees, we had quite a selection of meats. My favorite would be the Pressed Pork Belly (Php 595). It’s lean and thinly sliced pork belly baked in an aluminum tent before it was grilled and basted with buffalo sauce. It was a tangy and sweet barbecue delight.

Another worth your time would be their take on Chicken ala Pobre (Php 350). This had ample garlic time, which could mean trouble without a mint on your side. This was also marinated well with soy sauce, giving it a strong taste.

We also had Fish Kebab (Php 650). They used Sea Bream’s chunkiest parts to stick it with fresh and colorful vegetables. Since a lot of other fish parts will be unused, its hefty price tag somehow justifies it. This was a decent grub, you may opt for here only if you couldn’t have their beef, chicken or pork selections.

We couldn’t just ignore and not indulge in their banner dish, Flatiron Brisket 6 (solo Php 585/sharing Php 799). It’s wildly tender brisket that’s slow- cooked for 6 hours in aromatics and balsamic vinegar. This offering comes with a hot griddle, ready to sizzle up your appetite.

Even though I was full to the brim, I made sure I had enough room for their homemade cakes. I specifically favored their Rose Noire (Php 250 for a slice) which is layered dark chocolate ganache, meringue and hazelnut praline topped with chocolate glaze. It was a layer after layer of richness. It was dense, creamy and not overwhelmingly sweet.

We also had Peanut Butter Delice and their classic take on New York Cheesecake. Both of these also impress with its obvious quality filled ingredients.

Bucket list check. Flat Iron 1771 is calling you for fine food that will surely lift up your mood. Even if it comes with a high price tag, it’s well worth the visit.

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