Garosu, Ortigas

I thought I was teleported to Korea once I stepped inside  Garosu, in Ortigas. The place was packed with Koreans, and I’m not at all surprised that there wasn’t any Filipino in sight. Anyways, when I got there, together with my sister, I have noticed that all their Korean guests were all glued to the screen watching a Korean soccer game.

This new spot in Ortigas serves authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine. They also serve dishes that are a fusion of both cultures. The prices of their food, however, are costly, especially for students who are most likely to hang out here, given its convenience to their schools.

I actually loved everything that they served us! Their vegetable tempura was perfectly seasoned and it was already good on its own, even without the sauce that went with it. It wasn’t greasy, it tasted somewhat sweet, and it was nicely made, just like our lokal okoy. And the best thing about is it’s only priced at Php200!

My sister loved Garosu’s Korean ramen. I am happy with it although it seemed to me like it needed more water/soup. It was totally spicy but forgivable since I liked it’s spiciness.

Their serving of chicken teriyaki sticks were kind of dry, but it was flavor, nonetheless. I also liked their side of kimchi.

I think that the best thing that Garosu served us was their spicy sashimi salad. The fresh salmon tasted nicely, having a kick of spiciness to it with every bite. The greens and the tobiko in it were nicely mixed together.

All in all, my sister and I had a really satisfying dinner at Garosu’s. We both agreed that being in Garosu makes you feel like you are actually in Korea.

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