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Ever-growing is the popularity of Korean culture here in the Philippines. Korean food, in all its glory, is just strengthening its stead in the Filipino hearts and tummies. It’s almost always within the consideration set when people decide to eat out. New Korean restaurant concepts are always welcome as Filipinos can’t seem to get enough of it.
Gen Korean BBQ House, hailing from L.A., California, has just recently set its foot in the Philippines. I was invited as a guest to their grand opening all the way in SM By the Bay, Seaside, Mall of Asia Complex. It was quite a trip. Let me walk you through it.
It’s situated nicely along the bustling strip of restaurants on SM By the Bay, Seaside. It’s right smack in front of Conrad Hotel with a facade that boasts a wide expanse to accommodate customers. It’s a spacious 1000-square meter dining area that can seat 500 people. The set up for the grand opening at the entrance definitely piqued the curiosity of some passers by.
Apparently, Gen Korean BBQ House is a popular food destination in the West Coast among Filipinos as well as locals! The people there are just as enthusiastic over All You Can Eat Korean BBQ serving premium meats with flavors from all over the world. They have chosen Manila to be the location of their first ever international branch precisely because of a number of Filipino patrons back at home base.
The interiors feature a dimly lit ambiance, accentuated by streams of blue light on the seats, tables, and ceiling. Think of a posh restaurant teeming with people especially at night. It gave me the vibes of a fancy cruise ship restaurant. Most of the tables can seat 6 people comfortably and has the grill installed right in the middle for easy access.
The waiters/ servers were very attentive and quick on their feet. Additional orders of their delicious side dishes would arrive just a few moments after we finish them. Six sides were creatively presented to us as placed around the grill: salad, pickled white radish, sweet potato mash, kimchi, spicy pickled cucumbers, and spicy pickled onions. We dived right in as we waited for the meats for us to cook.
The whole dinner was divided into three courses: two courses of meat and the last one was for us to get any food item we desired off of the menu.
1st Course was an introduction to the premium meats of Gen Korean BBQ! We had their Regular Samgyupsal, Chadol (thinly sliced Premium Angus Brisket), Honey Chicken, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Premium Top Blade Steak, and a heaping plate of Woobaesal (Premium Beef Belly). Don’t forget the Samgyupsal dipping sauces so conveniently put in a bigger sauce tray for easy dipping. They’ve added Green Tea Salt option along with the usual Ssamjang and Sesame Oil. Gen Korean BBQ did not kid when they said Premium meats.
Here is a useful tip. Ask for their Crazy Sauce. It’s a spicy dipping sauce bursting with flavors. I ordered for the rest of the table and the waiter had to keep refilling it. So good! All the meat goes really well with it.
2nd Course was next and it was a meat party! We had Pork Cheek, Garlic Chicken, and their delicious Red Wine Samgyupsal. This round call for more sides and Crazy sauce. And some cold drinks!
The Red Wine Samgyupsal was a winner in my book. At first, it looked unappetizing since the meat was a deep red and the skin and fat a grim gray. After cooking it and chopping it to bite-sized pieces I could not get enough. The red wine marinade it was sitting in gave the meat a surprisingly sweet yet sophisticated taste. A must try!
Came next were vegetables for grilling options. A plate came with sliced bell peppers, corn, onions, and zucchini. All to add some fresh crunch to the savory meat. And some nutritious balance for that night.
After all that I can see why and how Gen Korean BBQ took the West Coast by storm. You could lose yourself in the cooking and enjoying great food with friends and family. At the late night hours, people were still coming in to dine. It was such a treat to have a lot of meat on the grill and people choosing which ones to eat.
This place is a must-visit! Check out their other exciting offerings. Way more fusion from all over the world.

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