Handchop, Karuhatan

There’s a new “It” thing when it comes to the food scene. Can you guess what it is? Yep, it shouts the words Food Parks! It’s currently everywhere, With the thriving of Food Park’s in the country, it could be hard to keep up with what food park to visit. If you are in the area of the far north, why not traverse towards Valenzuela and check out a popular one there. They call it Arca.

On my recent trip here, I tried Handchop. It is a destination place for Taiwanese Porkchop, Taiwanese Chicken Pop and Chicken and Porkchop Curry. If you are looking for street food you’ve probably heard about that makes Taiwan food famous, it’s finally here for you and me.

It’s not that authentic, but it does give you an idea of its distinct flavors. I found the porkchop closest to the real thing, it was crispy and appetizing with its range of seasonings. It was also not overly greasy, and its serving quite filling!

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