Hap Chan, SM Megamall Review 2

I grew up in a Chinese home. Despite of that we rarely had Chinese food on our dining table. I love its flavors, and when am out, it’s one of my picks for comfort food.

While I was doing errands in Megamall, I chanced upon Hap Chan Express again, and this time I got a new set of dishes. I had a warm and tasty bowl of Chicken Meatball Congee first. It was a typical watery serving which I like versus our own lugaw. I also had Sweet and Sour Pork, a classic tangy sweet offering, a favorite of my mom.

My order of Hakao, on the other hand, took awhile, about 15 minutes. What a disappointment when I saw it way overcooked, dark and deformed. I gave their staff a chance to change it, but she kept saying that’s how they serve it. So here it is. What you think guys? It was soggy and I barely finished it.

Anyway, on top of the unexpected dimsum, my experience here was rather pleasing. Hopefully, Hap Chan does something about that.

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