Higop, Baclaran

One of the latest food halls set up in the metro is the Pista Food Hall in Baclaran, where one can have the opportunity of savoring classic Filipino dishes, served in different modern takes. Inside the hall, you will find six food stalls, with each of them offering various dishes, superior in every way. You may actually try out the dishes offered by these six food stalls, all at the same time, by availing their buffet for only Php249.

One of the food stalls inside Pista Food Hall is Higop. “Higop” is actually a Filipino word, which means “to sip” or “to make a big slurp.” The said food stall offers soup dishes, and I was able to try out three from their menu. Their squash soup was creamy and you’ll have bits of squash in every spoonful. If you want to try out something that tastes more familiar, in a Filipino style of cooking, I suggest ordering their Bulalosaltim, which is their awesome take on the classic bulalo. It was rich in flavors and smelled very appetizing.

You can tell from the taste that this dish was seasoned with a number of spices. Take a look at its photo below and imagine just how tasty it was. I can actually tell that having this soup dish alone will give your body the boost that it needs.

The last thing I had from them was their batchoy. I find it striking on my end since this serving of noodle soup tasted really well with sweet tasting onions, egg, garlic, and strips of pork fat.

If you happen to like soup dishes, Higop is the best place to go to for trying them out and indulging into.


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