Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe, Libis

My friend and I were shopping for some ice cream when we spotted this Korean dessert place. It’s Bingsu, a popular snow iced with toppings from the upper east. Ho Bing currently runs 12 branches all over a Metro, a sign that we Filipinos have embraced this novel cold treat.

We got two kinds of Bingsu at regular size and were not able to finish it. This justifies its price tag of Php 220+ and up as it can serve 2 happy customers per bowl. I like most the Mango Cheese variety, a sweet and salty combination with fluffy whipped cream. The Chocolate Brownie Banana one was just fair, as it lacked more fruits and its chunky brownie giving us a tough bite.

Have you tried Bingsu yet? Early last year I predicted its expansion. Today, you can also find this product in food stalls and other Korean restaurants and fast food stops.

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