HongKong Kitchen, Karuhatan

Arca Yard Food Park in Valenzuela City is worth the long drive if you are in search for a one-stop shop destination for your food cravings. It offers stalls which give you heaps of variety from various cuisines. It also has a bar, a barber shop and ample parking.

On the roster of many stalls available, I visited Hong Kong Kitchen. This stall specializes in noodles, rice toppings, lauriat, and meats. Basically, it could be your go-to place for Chinese dishes given to you fast, of quality and with an affordable price tag.

Amongst their numerous offerings, I was only able to order their Roasted duck and best selling Pancit Canton.
The former was served picture worthy, a duck complete from “head to tail”. It was tasty even with its hoisin sauce but on the dry side. The noodle, however, was moist and lovely! It has a distinctive taste compared the usual kinds. This is also fit to have on birthday celebrations!

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