Hongkong Master Cook, Libertad

I get to spend time and bond with my friends over food when we go on food trips together during weekends and holidays. After going to church last Sunday, my friends and I decided to go some place where we can relax and eat. We ended up going to Hong Kong Master Cook in Libertad, Pasay. They mostly serve seafood here. Upon arriving at the said place, we knew instantly that it’s gonna take some time before we get to eat and finish our lunch. In spite of the restaurant being spacious, it was actually packed with people that Sunday afternoon.

The place isn’t as clean nor as pleasant as you would expect it to be. I find it kind of forgivable though given the service that they provide their customers. Their wait staff even took the time to peel off the shrimp shell for me. I gladly gave her a tip for doing me such a favor.

Best thing about this whole dining experience is having one of our friends with us who is actually a regular customer here at the restaurant. He is knowledgeable as to where we should buy the freshest catch and what kind of preparations should be done with our seafood.

There were seven of us in the group and we had ten kinds of dishes served before us. Everything that they have served us was just delicious. My favorite dishes from them include their salted egg crab, steamed lapu-lapu, and their clam soup. They were all very flavorful. I think that I might have even gained five pounds from all that food I have stuffed my stomach with, in that two-hour feast that we had at Hong Kong Master Cook.

Out of all the six seafood restaurants that I have been to, this place, by far, is the best one yet that serves really tasty seafood. Visit this place and let me know how you find their food.

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