House of Wagyu Stone Grill, Greenhills

One of the reasons why I can’t be a vegetarian is the seasonal cravings for quality slab of meat. Even if vegetables are a must for my diet, I can’t say goodbye to steaks. It is a form of art and beauty. And when I’m in the mood for it, The House of Wagyu Stone Grill is one of my go to places for steak.

About three years ago, Filipinos started raving for Japanese Wagyu when an import ban on Japanese beef was finally lifted. This imported steak is known for its fat like texture, thanks to an unconventional process of raising their cattle.

For experts, they base the quality of steaks according to its marbling and origin. Marbling is the intramuscular fat in the steak. This fat gives the meat moisture, a silky texture, and an extra layer of flavor. And since the Wagyu has the most extensive marbling, they consider it as the caviar beef in Japan. They even have “Beef Marbling Standard” with 12 as the highest rate.

Ms. Corinne Castañeda and Carmelo Santiago are highly responsible why we get to have the best Japanese Wagyu around today through their restaurant. I had the chance of visiting their branch in Greenhills just recently, I’ve been to the Podium one before.

This restaurant gives you a fine dining experience complete with top of the line service, very classy and well maintained ambiance and dishes filled with sophistication and taste.

So let’s get down to the star of the night, also known as my grade 8 Wagyu Rib Eye Steak. I got to grill it on my own and thus, I could have medium rare all the way to well done without even leaving my seat. As expected my imported meat was tender and appetizing as it is. I just added rock salt from time to time.

For a complete meal to pair with your choice of Wagyu I suggest having a glass of fine wine (or two), brewed iced tea, Caesar salad, freshly made Mushroom Soup and a side of creamy mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

If this aren’t enough to fill you up, a filling of well spiced Gambas with loads of garlic and some bruschetta is my suggestion. I had these and still managed to have a rich Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream on iron plate after all that. This resulted to me almost crawling out of the establishment. I was ultimately satisfied and so was my date. It was one unforgettable late afternoon to evening.

Their steaks come with a steep price though, as it ranges from Php 1,950 to Php 10,225. Thanks to their promotion that time, I got to avail their Great Wagyu Sale, at 40% off of the original price. The promo actually ran from August 15 to September 10, 2017.

So who are in your top 5 steak places in the Metro? I got a list that includes this restaurant. Care to share yours?

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