Huma Mediterranean Cuisine, MOA

The interiors were truly inviting! This made me consider dining here after having a short tour inside a month ago. It was in my first stop list when visiting newest mall in the South, S Maison. Huma offers Mediterranean, its ambiance resembles a feel as if you are not in the Philippines.

Sadly though this experience was not as pleasing overall. The most important element which is food failed us one dish after another. I forgot to take photos of two of them, their Kalamare Ala Flasha (Grilled Squid) and Shawarma Laham (Beef Shawarma). The former was just cooked out of line, it was over cooked in most parts which caused it to be either gummy or tough. My friend even had a lock jaw because of it. The latter’s meat was too thin and not tender. It’s side fries seemed to be re fried many times over.

The only dish that we both liked was surprisingly my experimental order, Sawded Dajaj (Fried Chicken Liver).  It’s texture had a bit of bite on the outside while its inside had a good mash. It was also seasoned well with pomegranate, lemon and other spices.

A default order of Hummus, my favorite Mediterranean starter was just alright. It was creamy but lacked taste. It also had too much olive oil.

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