Ice Flower, MOA

Around two years ago, I boldly stated to friends that Bingsu would be the next dessert. It could’ve been but it wasn’t as popular as expected. Too bad not many local entrepreneurs copied this Korean ice dessert concept.

Ice Flower has four branches and they are a late player. Their ice is snow like, very fine and smooth, just as expected. We got the Oreo and Cheese variation for Php 360, I found it way expensive for it lacked toppings (only 6 pieces of cheese cubes) and it wasn’t as creamy. This brand however offers a wide range of classic and novel combinations.

The ambiance however in this branch in MOA is amazing. On top of colorful and comfortable chairs is a portion that snows. They dedicated a part for you to play with their replica of snow. Note that you can’t throw snowballs arounds. I kinda did, it was just too tempting.

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