Iyah’s Ice Cream Milkshake, MOA

In the newest structure in the Mall of Asia complex is the Galleon. There is a dome structure on top of it and it will soon rise the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Museum. Its goal is to provide visitors a rich history of the 250-year old global trade route where the Philippines and Mexico. See that maybe on August of this year.

This place also houses yet more dining options. It has restaurants and food stalls on its path. One prominent and eye catching stall was Iyah’s Ice Cream Milkshake. These photo worthy drinks could have started in food parks and they are now for consumption in the comfort of the mall.

They offer multiple kinds of milkshakes, most likely all common combinations you’ve heard of before. They also have  creative ones like the one me and my friends shared. Our drink, Reeses Extreme has Reese’s, Skippy’s peanut butter, chocolate fudge, vanilla ice cream, Nutella, Pepero stick, waffle cone, whipped cream and a whole lot of other sweetness. Despite it taking awhile to prepare, it was worth from the first sip to the last. It’s on point peanuty taste was too delicious and full of guilt. This was at Php 159 at 16 oz.

They also serve daily dose for Php 65, so its simple milkshake with your chosen flavor and a create your own option for an added adventure!

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