Jedoudna, Dubai

Half of the time while I was in Dubai, I ate mostly Mediterranean food. Whether it was Turkish, Lebanese, Arabic or Greek. They do have a lot of similarities in their food and moving from to the other, it was minimal changes.

On our first trip to JBR, we stopped by here for a hearty dinner. It was the favorite stop of our Filipino friends who have been here for years. Choices are aplenty and the price is relatively budget friendly.

Their tasty meat platter which included chicken, lamb and beef kebabs, potatoes, grilled vegetables and two slices of pizza, was obviously their banner offering. We were four and we just could’t finish it. The portions were just overwhelming.

Complimentary olives were awesome, I wish they did that too in Manila. I guess these are more available here. The breads that came with our Hummus dip looked plain but they were as amazing.

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