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I’d call it a blessing to have South Korea’s influence take deeper root here in the Philippines. Apart from their antics and quirky fashion, their food, most definitely, has been given a very warm welcome by the Filipino people.

Korean cuisine has become part of modern day pop culture that it is gaining share in the household table. People have come to love it so much, they would prepare Korean food at home for friends and family.

Korean cuisine has been put in such high regard, thanks to the owners of the several beloved Korean restaurants that have grown here in the Philippines. You can taste the love and dedication in the dishes they roll out. Personally, I think that great offerings come with quality ingredients. And that goes for all.

The next time you think about preparing Korean food yourself in your home, you might want to check out Puregold, specifically the one in Molito Alabang. In there you will find the right grocery finds for Korean night at your place.

By the wet goods section you’ll find K FISH, an area for imported Korean goods that’s very refreshing to look at. It’s all Korean seafood products, and you would be entertained by the variety that they have. They display products such as tuna, seaweed snacks, even fishcakes and squid. It’s a whole installation that boasts premium imported Korean delicacy discoveries.

I was there to experience firsthand the many ways you can cook, prepare and enjoy their products.

First up was their CJ Seaweed Soup . I honestly could not believe the soup we had came from a sealed bowl a la instant noodle soup. It had rice, the soup, and the seaweed. It’s unbelievably very fishy and tastes exactly how you would expect it. It did not taste one bit instant, at least for me. Perfect for a hefty starter or a late night craving fix.

Next was their Stir-fry Fish & Rice Cake, or more popularly known as tteokbokki. Absolutely bloody delicious. They used packs of frozen fish cake sheets sliced into bite-sized ones with some rice cakes similar in cut. Oh man did I go for thirds. It was stir-fried with with gochujang and sesame oil, all melding into one spicy and fishy yet umami taste. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

They also prepared a Tuna Salad Bibimbap for us, made with Dongwon Standard Tuna, which is the brand of tuna they carry. What’s special about it is that the easy open lid is at the bottom, avoiding accumulation of dust, dirt and germs. And opening the can, it’s a whole chunk of tuna that’s not swimming in oil. The salad was a very healthy balance of greens and meat, with the tuna being all chunky and compact, holding out even though you’ve mixed it many times all held together by gochujang and sesame oil. A twist on a common starter I would definitely recommend doing, or even try for myself.

The Sempio Mother’s Braised Dried Squid is a gourmet specialty squid in can that you can just throw on top of steaming white rice and consume to your heart’ content. It’s sweet, packs a chew, and is perfect for the Filipino palate. Eating it makes you feel like you’re inhaling the rice. Cheers!

And for the final tester, we had their ASSI Salted Frozen Mackerel. It’s a frozen good yet upon serving it was fried to a crisp texture with a surprisingly juicy inside. All the flavors are surprisingly still in tact. I don’t know how the Koreans do it but they do it very well.

And what was that bit I mentioned about quality ingredients make quality dishes? Even the passersby who visited for a few minutes ended up asking about the products.

If you would like to sample the products themselves, K FISH provides taste testing for the customers in the grocery. Drop by so you can see for yourself how exactly to go about the next Korean night at your place!

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