Kenny Roger’s #EffinHotGravy

My mouth got burnt yesterday for a good reason, as I was one of the first customers to dip into Kenny Roger’s #EffinHotGravy. It is off the menu and almost a secret addition to the Hot new offerings.

The Chipotle Fire Chicken is now a complete family! You have the well marinated spiced roast chicken with chili filled java rice and now its added heat gravy.

I find it tangy hot but still having its signature gravy blend present. I suggest combining it with the original to tame its hotness. Another way to cool down is having their regular-sized Froyo for just Php 25 until March 15. The creamy texture and sweet flavor does help.

Still think you can take more heat? We dare you to ask for the Effin’ Hot Gravy! Check them out now in your nearest Kenny Rogers Roasters branch.

Don’t forget to share your experience, tag and challenge your friends, and use the hashtag #EffinHotGravy

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