KLIN 365 by Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation

It’s no secret that I currently own and manage some restaurants here in Metro Manila. For most of us who work in the F & B industry, one of our major concerns in this business is keeping it clean and safe for our valued customers. Finding an effective cleaning solution has always been a challenge for us. We couldn’t help but shelve out so much cash just to keep the place looking squeaky clean and new, and germ free.

We recently got a package from Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation (KCC), a Filipino company backed with more than 10 years of experience in developing cleaning products throughout Southeast Asia. And my team and I decided to give them a chance. KCC thought of innovating a product that will simplify the complicated cleaning processes in the restaurant industry. Their Development Team underwent painstaking research in order to come up with a product that can kill harmful microorganisms on all washable surfaces.

Thus, the arrival of their new product, KLIN 365. It’s a 10-in-1 cleaning and sanitation solution that can be used either as a dishwashing liquid, degreaser, odor eliminator, and floor cleaner. Its other functions include being used as a glass and table cleaner, fly repellant, hand sanitizer, kitchen utensil cleaner, and as a toilet and urinal cleaner.

Currently, we manage 4 brands and some of our meals are harder to clean than others. The more greasy or sauce filled ones usually takes more time. I give KLIN 365 plus points for being safe and easy to use. It is noncorrosive and it happens to be the only product of its kind in the market today. With just a single sachet of KLIN 365 mixed with 20 liters of water, all your cleaning concerns will be addressed in one go. Maintaining the cleanliness of our restaurants will could no longer be a cause of headache for us. Currently, we manage 4 brands and some of our meals are harder to clean than others. The more greasy or sauce filled ones usually takes more time.

Since August 1st, 2017, apparently Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation has been marketing KLIN 365 and their other outstanding products through its network of direct distributors nationwide. With every purchase of a box of KLIN 365 (with 100 pieces of 45 mL sachets per box), proper product training on usage and application will be provided.

So to save a lot of money, time, and shelve space in your restaurant, explore KLIN 365 today and practice a revolutionary way of cleaning. By doing so, you do not only get to attract potential customers in your restaurant, you also get to comply with established standards of food safety.

If you wish to try them out and to place your orders, you may contact them at www.kalinisanchemicals.com or email them at info@kalinisanchemicals.com for more info.

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